Sic Bo

Go Big or Go Home In Sic Bo


As far as strategic concerns go, sic bo is similar to all of the other games you will find at the tables of the online casino. There are lower risk strategies and higher risk strategies. If you go for the lower risk strategy, you are essentially betting on not becoming the victim of the streak. If you go for the higher risk strategy, you are going big or going home.

Outwitting the streak with a low risk sic bo strategy

The low risk strategy at sic bo is essentially the same as any other low risk strategy at a casino. You place progression bets on the lowest house edge propositions and then hope that you get lucky. A progressive bet system is pretty good, but a streak of more than five or six can still destroy any profits that you make over the course of the short term. If you want to use this strategy, you need to think about taking on the sic bo bets with the lowest house edge. Those happen to be the bets on big, small and various combinations.

Going big or going home with a high risk sic bo strategy

Going big or going home is a phrase used in sports to mean making sure that you give yourself the best chance to win big. In sports this usually means putting your best effort forward to make sure you play your best game. In gambling, this means going for the big win even though it might mean you lose faster. Although it is possible to win in the medium term with a low risk strategy and maybe even over the shorter long term if you’re smart about where and when you place your chips, the wins you’ll have with low risk strategies are grinding wins.

Some people don’t mind that, but others want the action. They want to put everything they possibly can on one roll of the dice with the idea that they’ll either lose it all there or end up winning huge if they are lucky enough to hit their mark. If you’d like to do this in sic bo, what you really need to do is create bets where a single result can allow you to win multiple times.

A good example of a high risk strategy in sic bo is to bet both on a specific result as well as doubles that could contribute to your result. Betting on the 8 to come up as well as smaller amounts on double 1s, double 2s and double 3s is a good example of a strategy that carries a high amount of risk with a high amount of reward. You’re probably going to lose, but if you win you will win a ridiculous amount of money.


Winning at sic bo does require a bit of luck since you are betting against a house edge every single time. If you’re hoping for a bit of luck at sic bo, why not hope for a lot of luck instead? Going big or going home could easily win you the big bucks.