Is Baccarat a better live online game?


It is easily possible to understand the evolution of the online casino industry in a series of waves with each wave corresponding to a particular trend. The modern wave has to do with live dealers at online casinos and baccarat is of course one of the games that lends itself nicely to this type of change. As you consider whether to switch your game over to live baccarat online, take a moment to consider the following factors.

Gorgeous dealers

The one thing that can really attract a lot of people to the idea of a live dealer for online baccarat has to be the looks on the dealers. Many of these dealers are amongst the most gorgeous people that you see. The majority of live dealers are women, a fact that is not so surprising when you consider the majority of players at online casinos are men. Regardless of whether the live dealers online are men or women though, they are definitely good-looking and that is something that everyone can find attractive about a switch. Just wait till a gorgeous dealer hands you a two-card baccarat hand and you’ll see how different it can be.


Online casinos and online gambling in general has often been characterized by the heavy action that goes on at the games. For some people, this is one of the most attractive things about online casinos. Being able to go through 120 baccarat hands in an hour as opposed to 30 is good for some people but bad for others. If you are someone that will miss that level of action, you should definitely try to avoid the live online dealers. They’ll be a lot faster than they are at normal brick and mortar casinos, but they won’t be anywhere near what the action junkies need to feel satisfied.

A melding of two worlds

If you are someone that loves the convenience of the online casino but sometimes feels as though something is missing from that world, you might just be the perfect candidate for live dealers online. The convenience factor from an online casino is hard to beat, but of course playing on your computer all day can sometimes leave a bit to be desired. The social give and take of the brick and mortar casino is captured somewhat by the addition of a live dealer to an online casino game and that in and of itself could be a great melding of the two worlds. This is also true for someone from the previous section that thinks online casinos can go too fast, but brick and mortar casinos go too slow. There are plenty of people in this camp and it is to these people that the live dealer online is aimed.


Is baccarat a better live online game? It is if the aspects discussed above appeal to you. If you’d like to be dealt a medium number of baccarat hands on an hourly basis and would like to look at gorgeous dealers while playing your game of baccarat, this is definitely something you should look at.